Irie Reggae Vibes

The project known as «Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes» is a reggae music live show.

Reggae is a musical genre born in Jamaica in the 60s that has been turned into a social, spiritual and philosophical movement by the implication of its performers in politics and welfare.

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The purpose of the representation is to reveal music as a means of expression and channel to identify our own potential, guiding thought towards human prosperity, nature and positivism. Awareness for social welfare has been, and continues to be, the focus of attention to the composition of the lyrics. Which emanate messages of self-esteem, respect, tolerance, consideration and progress.

The participation of the band in cultural events proposes to enhance the music as a way of education, raising the creativity and artistic disciplines.

It is indisputable that cities and towns with the most intellectual wealth and social perspective, have sustained their knowledge based on organizing public events in which entertainment and didactic values go hand in hand.

The participation of the band «Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes» in cultural events proposes to integrate people in a playful activity in which concepts and values promotes learning.

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Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes stands out for reflecting the most traditional rhythms in their compositions Jamaicans and refresh the message of prosperity, through a language simple and contemporary.

It is between 2015 and 2016 when Pablo establishes himself as one of the voices present in the world of International Reggae, sharing the stage with the elite artist resident in the City of London, Pablo remains 4 years in the UK.

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The first album of Iyaman Pablo is released together with the video clip in 2017, Mount Zion.

In the same period, Pablo formed the band Irie Reggae Vibes, with which he will participate in Festivals such as Minho Reggae Splash, ReggaeBoa Festival, and they will record their first album “Leo‘ n Jah ”.

The recording section does not cease but increases, special mention to the different 12 ”vinyls published by the brothers’ production company Peckings of Jamaica. Being part of compilations that host artists
like King Dilly, Nereus Joseph, Ras Sherby, Patrick Matics, King Tubby …

Pablo makes attractive recordings for veteran reggae lovers and also new generation listeners.

Leo ‘N Jah released in 2017

Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes currently reside in the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura), have participated in the FRF 2019 and FRF 2020, leaving a clear sign of how much this band feeds the reggae of the archipelago.

The professional proposal of the band, carefully related to the Roots Reggae culture.

In January 2021 they published their 2nd Album: Mo ’Africa.

Mo’ Africa released in 2021.

“ Dedicated to the African continent, all its ancestors, descendants and
future souls. For the prosperity and unity of the earth, for the humanity family. All the compositions are inspired by the fight against oppression,
discrimination and subjugation of the races. «