Pablo Cameselle Rodríguez was born on July 31st, 1987 in Vigo, belonging to the community of Galicia, within Spanish territory. Coming from a working class family, Pablo began his musical career at the age of 17.

Mighty Stone. Mo’ Africa Album 2021. Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes

In 2012, after going through the Blues currents, he moved to London (U.K.) to be part of different Reggae Roots projects such as Ben Aventurados (Brazil) and Black Rock Warriors (Jamaica). Soon he began to show his multi-instrumentalist tendency, as well as his good composing skills, making a good impression in London concert halls, such as Made in Brazil (Camden Town), Sushinho Restaurant (Liverpool St.), The Magic Garden (Battersea), Troy Bar (Shoreditch), etc ..

In 2013 he already count up enough original songs to present his own Reggae Roots project in Spain, accompanied by drummer Cristian García, they tour venues such as Vagalume (Salvaterra), Tempo23 and Contrabajo (Vigo). At this time Pablo temporarily moves from London to travel to the Canary Islands and Portugal. It is remarkable to note that he has always been a lover of knowing different worlds, so many periods of his life are dedicated to being inspired by the street musical experience (busking). He recognizes as an artist having been nourished by the best musical, spiritual, social and intellectual knowledge.

In January 2014 bassist Javier Vicalo joined the band, consolidating the Reggae Roots trio. Pablo lives in the London neighborhood of Crystal Palace, moving to Galicia often to perform and record with the band. Invited to participate in the IV Edition of Son das Mamoas Festival , in Candeán, Pablo experiences the big stage for the first time.

In 2015, Pablo returned to London, where he resumed his composition work and reaffirmed his potential in the world of Reggae Music participating in Minho Reggae Splash – VI Edition , sharing “line up” with artists such as Earl 16, Roberto Sánchez, Nish Wadada, Prince Jamo and Dada Yute.

In May 2016 he made the first appearance in London with his personal repertoire, invited by Sergio López. The concert was part of the program Back to the Roots, held at the Jamboree (Limehouse) once a month. This summer he will play at the Ital Reggae Fest – III Edition (Porriño) again with the band that already performed as Irie Reggae Vibes, with Rui Almeida on drums and Javi Congo on keyboards; sharing “Line up” with great international musicians, Rubera Roots Band, Ras Damula, Almighty Dread and JahToni. In November, Pablo is invited to play at the Hard Club (Porto), sheltered by the Cool Operator Productions and Real Rockers family, with whom deep bonds of brotherhood are established. In this period Pablo is already showing his concern for the different instruments, within his personal repertoire, he composes the lines of guitars, keyboards, electric bass, percussion and voices. And working for artists like Ras Keith and Skowa Kabala, composing and performing keyboards in shows in London Clubs.

In 2017, Pablo returns to his hometown, Vigo, in which he will work for emerging local Reggae projects: Elephants Yard, High Paw and Sutta Enki. The first weekly live Reggae sessions are organized in the Contrabajo Club. Irie Reggae Vibes will be part of a tour organized by Lalibela Ital Productions, opening the stage to Almighty Dready and Jenifer Barrett from Jamaica, for whom Pablo works as a percussionist in the backing band. Shortly before the tour, Iyaman Pablo’s first official video is published, it’s been filmed and produced by Buskberry Grove, the song:
• Mount Zion, music recorded at The Dub Yard.

Irie Reggae Vibes played in Málaga, Jaén, Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra, Porriño and met artists such as Likle Mystic, Ras Cup, Kojo Lion, Sil Cunningham, etc. ReggaeBoa Festival – 8th Edition invited Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes to participate and share «line up» with artist such as New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Emeterians & Forward Ever Band, Mr. Wilson, Skank Fu Hi-Fi .. It is also in this year when Pablo begins to record melodicas for the Pecking Brothers production company. Sharing the honor of participating in 12 ”vinyl with Burning Spears, Carolene Thomson, Patrick Matic, King Tubbys, Ras Sherby, Nereus Joseph, King Dilly.

2017 closes with the icing on the cake, which in this case is the 1st Album of Iyaman Pablo & Irie Reggae Vibes; recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergio López at Lana Sound (Jaén). The name of the album is
• LEO N ‘JAH, it includes 10 original songs and 3 dub versions.

Pablo in Galicia 2018.

2018 arrives with the official presentation of the first album in Madrid, in one of the Dubmingo sessions organized by Gudari Dub in the Rock Palace room. Pablo leaves his homeland again, this time to head towards Barcelona, where he will share very positive experiences with the Rastafari Association, managed by Ras Melak. After weeks in Cataluña, he travels to Torino (Italy) and Berlin (Germany), where he will present his album in different neighborhoods in both towns. He will travel to London once again to distribute a few copies to friends and lovers of the style, and then he will settle in the Canary Islands to rebuild the band with talented international artists.

In the summer of 2019, Irie Reggae Vibes have been touring on the islands of Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. At the end of 2019 Irie Reggae Vibes participate in the Fuerteventura Reggae Festival- III Edition , Pablo being invited to take the stage and share a song with Emeterians & Forward Ever Band, just one day after leaving the audience of Plaza de Lajares speechless for the quality interpretive that reflects Pablo being the singer and drummer of the group, not being able to ignore the implicit spirituality in his music. A good connection is established with bands like Ruts & la Isla Music.
After this magnificent letter of introduction, to the Canarian reggae audience, Pablo works as a drummer for Lioness Den & The Shaman Band, also organizing backing band for Bongoyeyo Zambrano, from Venezuela.

2020 seems to come loaded with new adventures for the group. In July, the band’s 2nd album is recorded,
• MO’ AFRICA, 3 tunes, 2 Dubs & 1 live recorded song.

A good performance at the Palacio de Congresos in Puerto del Rosario, makes Irie Reggae Vibes continue to be the most acclaimed Reggae band in Fuerteventura. Iyaman Pablo returns to the Fuerteventura Reggae Festival – IV Edition . Celebrated in 2020, this time at the Corralejo Auditorium, sharing the lineup with Ras Kuko & One Xe Band, Isaiah & the Dub Originals, AbelCordobez, Dada Guanche, Tabaiba Reggae, Africa Yeah, Abora Reggae, etc..
Pablo participates individually in the Festival Sound System, as Mc / Selectah sharing the stage with OneChot, Fernikhan and Bongoyeyo.

The song Mr. Boss, included in the Album Mo ’Africa (2nd album by Irie Reggae Vibes) has been captured on the FRF20. The album is released on the International Day of Peace, January 30, 2021.
Again under the record label Lana Sound.

After the publication of the second Album, Pablo decides to create the island’s first record label in Fuerteventura, called Tunera Records, founded in July 2021 and making its first release on November 2 with Outernal Snare, in commemoration of the anniversary of the coronation of Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

In September of this same year, Pablo organizes Irie Reggae Vibes backing band for the Jamaican Earl 16, who sets foot on Fuerteventura for the first time to perform at the FRF IV Edition.

Immediately at the end of the festival, an action to popularize reggae music on the island begins, organizing two weekly events, both in DJ format and with a live band. In this period a large community of artists is formed in Pablo’s environment, working as an organizer of events that host artists such as Brian Perdomo, Agustín Lapertosa, Jah Nattoh, Lioness Den, Big Smile, Jah Ras…

On August 15, 2022, the instrumental piece Ancient Egypt is released, an elaborate trend to pay homage to the great Augustus Pablo, giving strength and presence to the melodica.